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Cork County Council questions 5G Safety

-Councillors call for independent investigations into radiation effects on public health -

Today Cork County Council passed motions questioning the safety of 5G wireless technology and calling on RTÉ to organise and conduct a national debate on the safety of 5G technology. [1]

The motions were tabled by Councillor Kevin Murphy and Karen Coakley who represent the Bandon/Kinsale and West Cork electoral areas respectively. Speaking outside the council chambers Councillor Murphy said

"It is my duty and responsibility as a public representative and Councillor, to make sure the public are fully informed about the potential health risks and benefits of 5G technology. Does Irish society have a necessity for 5G technology? Why do we need it so soon? Especially considering there are health concerns? I request that RTÉ our national broadcast service hosts a thorough public debate on prime-time about the pros and cons, risks and benefits of 5G technology with experts representing all sides."

The move was welcomed by new campaign group Ireland for Safe Technology. Group member Paul Lynch said: "We welcome today's move by our Councillors in advocating for the health of our communities and future generations. We are concerned about the lack of safety testing for 5G as we know that the World Health Organisation classify the radiation from this technology as cancer-causing. The people of Cork and more widely of Ireland have nothing to be gained by being used as guinea pigs in trialing 5G for the telecoms companies." [2]

Principal Investigator of Ireland's Governance Risk and Compliance Technology Centre Tom Butler said: "Scientific studies conclude that microwave radiation from wireless radio frequency sources, including 5G, poses an existential threat to humanity and the environment. Wireless microwave radiation is a toxin that scientists, epidemiologist and medical practitioners link with the recent significant increase in brain tumours and other cancers in teenagers and young adults and, also, significant increases in neuropsychiatric, neurodegenerative and reproductive issues in children, adolescents and adults. The evidence is there in the scientific literature, and the truth will out, but now is the time to act before irreparable harm is visited upon our children and grandchildren."

He continued: "Children are at a growing risk of present and future ill-health due to weak governments, captured government departments and agencies, corrupt institutions, a compliant press and unethical or ignorant academics. As with tobacco smoking and climate change, the scientific evidence has existed for some time and is growing by the year. The problem is that industry are winning the battle for hearts and minds by war-gaming academics, corrupting governments, manipulating the press, and leading the public by the nose. As is always the case with adult misconduct, the losers are the current generation of children.” [3]

Cork County Council is the 6th Council in Ireland to pass motions concerning 5G technology following Wicklow, Roscommon, Sligo, Leitrim, and Clare. The roll-out of 5G technology has been stopped in Brussels, Geneva, Israel, parts of Italy, the Netherlands, and many parts of Australia due to health concerns over radiation, and France has banned wireless internet in Schools altogether. [4]



For more information and verification contact:

Paul Lynch: 089 2553096

Tom Butler: 087 9865629

Councillor Kevin Murphy: 087 2417843

Councillor Karen Coakley: 0872360323


[1] Link to wording of Cork motions:

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