As parents our number one priority is the safety and protection of our children, and teachers take over this roll while they're at school. It's true most parents and teachers in Ireland today are unaware of the dangers their children (and themselves) are are in when at home due to mobile phones, WiFi and any number of entertainment devices, or in school due to the introduction of WiFi in schools all over the country. They're even getting exposed to very high levels when outside playing now. But there are some teachers and parents who are concerned, and their number are growing just like many other groups of people.

If you are a parent or teacher, or have family and friends who are please use the information on this page to help further your own understanding of the danger and share it with as many of them as you can. If we work together we can reduce their exposure to this dangerous radiation and give them the safe future they deserve though alternative wired solutions instead.

In January 2020 Ireland For Safe Technology contacted all 3962 primary and secondary schools in Ireland to alert them to the fact they need to be using safe wired internet connections rather than potentially dangerous WiFi (wired over wireless).

The text of the letter is below and all parents and teachers should be aware it has been sent to their school principal. If WiFi is still used in your school please enquire why this is the case given the policy recommendations of other countries. You can download a copy of the letter here.

January 2020

Dear Principal and Board of Management members,

We are writing to you as a group of concerned citizens and parents throughout Ireland. We are part of an increasing number of people that are becoming aware that there are ample scientific studies that demonstrate real harm can be caused by radiofrequency radiation from wireless technologies such as WiFi. As a result of this knowledge coming to light in 2011, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe issued Article 1815 which called on European governments to replace WiFi technology in schools with safer wired solutions instead:

'European governments should “take all reasonable measures” to reduce exposure to electromagnetic fields, especially to radio frequencies from mobile phones, “and particularly the exposure to children and young people who seem to be most at risk from head tumours”. Governments should "for children in general, and particularly in schools and classrooms, give preference to wired Internet connections, and strictly regulate the use of mobile phones by schoolchildren on school premises”, and put in place information and awareness-raising campaigns on the risks of potentially harmful long-term biological effects on the environment and on human health.'

A copy of Article 1815 can be found here:

It is a 1 page document, section 8.3 is the relevant section concerning the protection of children and is only 2 paragraphs long.

To date, this action has not been taken and in fact we are even seeing even more WiFi installations being rolled out in Irish schools. We are aware of the Department of Education and Skills Digital Strategy for Schools as well as the primary and post primary Digital Learning Frameworks, but the DES only advocates increased digital learning in schools. The way in which schools increase the digital learning is up to them and is the responsibility of each school's Board of Management or Principal. A wired system is a completely acceptable solution and fully satisfies the DES Digital Strategy for Schools, so the decision and responsibility for a WiFi installation lies entirely with the Board. As a result, the school Board of Management is responsible for all aspects of the WiFi system, including being responsible if anyone attending the school suffers ill health due to that WiFi system.

The intention of this email is therefore to provide you with the information you were supposed to receive as per Article 1815, but did not. It is not meant as a comprehensive list of required information but should be sufficient in alerting you to the problem.

If you would like further information we have provided a resources for parent and teachers page at: or if you have any questions or comments you can contact us at the following email address,

Could we please ask that you also pass this information on to the parents of the children of the school, as we are confident they would also want to know that the Council Of Europe has said there is potential danger to their children.

Finally, can we also ask for the sake of our children and future generations of Ireland that if you already have a WiFi installation can you please immediately look into getting it replaced with a wired solution, and if you do not have WiFi yet installed, thank you and please keep it safe in the future.

Kindest regards,

Ireland For Safe Technology


WiFi in schools policies for other countries:

WiFi in Irish schools is a breach of the 'Children First Act 2015' as subjecting children to a technology that has not had adequate safety tests and has actually been shown to be harmful to them cannot possibly be regarding the best interests of the child as the paramount consideration. As the child's best interests are by law of 'paramount consideration', a school must opt for the safest option. Wired is a proven safe option while wireless is 'possibly carcinogenic' according to its 2b status with the World Health Organisation. Wired is therefore unquestionably the safest option.

Given that the Minister for Education in 2017 stated that insurance for schools was the responsibility of Boards of Management of schools, together with the fact that without instruction from the ministry, a school is 100% liable to any harm that may arise from anyone attending the school suffering ill health due to their WiFi system, there are serious unanswered questions as to whether schools are adequately indemnified against harm that may arise from any WiFi installation and usage. Schools cannot meet their requirements to be completely indemnified against harm with a WiFi installation as insurance providers exclude harm that may arise from such WiFi systems.

“Lloyd’s insurance company does not cover health damage caused by electromagnetic radiation” (and Irish insurance companies do not provide cover for Wi-Fi related ill health either):

Dozens of recent studies showing the detrimental health effects to children:

This Australian video is a great introduction to the dangers regarding WiFi in schools.


If you’re new to the whole idea of radiation danger from mobile phones and WiFi and aren’t sure why it’s even more dangerous to children this is a great resource to get you going.

Tom Butler is a Professor at University College Cork and is the Principal Investigator of Ireland’s Governance Risk and Compliance Technology Center.


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