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  • In 2011 the World Health Organisation upgraded RF radiation from mobile phones, WiFi routers, phone masts, baby monitors, etc as a class 2B carcinogen, the same as DDT and Lead. And today in 2019, the body of evidence is growing to suggest the WHO should re-classify RF radiation as a Class 1 carcinogen.

  • In 2018 the US National Toxicology Program concluded there was 'clear evidence'.

  • In 2011, after the WHO classification the Council of Europe called on all member states to 'take all reasonable measures' to reduce public exposure to RF radiation and EMFs 'for children in general, and particularly in schools and classrooms'. In Ireland this did not happen.

  • In 2016 legislation was passed in the Dail that states that employers are required to undertake a risk assessment if employees are exposed to electromagnetic fields and RF radiation. This includes nearly every workplace in Irish society to-date. The legislation in particular talks about protecting high risk groups, including pregnant woman, people with pace-makers, and other active implants. How many workers and business owners are aware of this?

  • 5G is not simply an upgrade from 4G, it is much more powerful. To say our bodies will be absorbing 10 times more RF radiation after 5G rollout is a very conservative estimate.

Tom Butler, Professor at University College Cork and Principal Investigator of Ireland’s Governance Risk and Compliance Technology Center gives an insightful interview.

With over 128 scientific references, this is a thorough easy-to-read research paper by Dr. Tom Butler from UCC about the clear evidence linking to RF radiation to adverse health effects, especially for our children. We encourage you to read the abstract and introduction if you are stuck on time, click here to listen to a radio interview with Dr. Butler on the subject of 5G.


Tom Butler is a Professor at University College Cork and is the Principal Investigator of Ireland’s Governance Risk and Compliance Technology Center.

In Ireland, our safety standards are not protecting the health of our communities. See this diagram for details—Ireland follows the standards set by ICNIRP which are 1000x higher than countries like Russia!

In case you missed it we’re the 1998 ICNIRP level… the one on the far right!

Smart meters are not mandatory. You have a lawful right to refuse them or insist they are replaced.

ESB have confirmed that you can opt out of getting a smart meter – but this information is not available on their website.

Ring them on 1800 928 123 or send an email to and inform them that you do not want a Smart Meter. You will need to give your MPRN (found on bill).