Ireland For Safe Technology Membership Application

Below is the Ireland For Safe Technology group constitution which details the group's mission statement, values, structure and member agreements.

To become a member of the group and therefore take part in group discussions and meetings an individual is required to agree to the principles laid out by filling out the details at the end.

Ireland For Safe Technology Constitution

Mission Statement

We are a volunteer-run national group networking people across the Isle to focus on strategies to promote safe and responsible technology in Ireland. We work to support the health of our communities and future generations by educating the public about the growing evidence of biological harm of RF radiation through peer-reviewed research. Through our work we are advocating for the health and well-being of our communities, children, future generations, and the natural world.


  • We advocate the use of safe and responsible technology to support the health of our communities.

  • Our message is positive solutions-based approach.

  • Our message is based on clear peer-reviewed scientific research. We do not endorse or promote unconfirmed theories or hypothesis about RF radiation.

  • We try at all times to refrain from using technical/scientific jargon and communicate our message in easy to understand language.

  • Our message focuses on health effects—with an emphasis on children and future generations.

  • We have a focused campaign promoting safe technologies and informing people about the known and recognised dangers of RF radiation through some key goals and messages:

    • Removal of WiFi from schools. Wi-Fi uses microwave wireless technology which is group 2b listed carcinogen. In 2011 the Council of Europe advised that Children should not be exposed to Wi-Fi in schools.

    • Halting of 5G deployment in Ireland. 5G is an untested technology that is being rolled out in Ireland without any safety studies having been carried out. The Irish Government must adopt the precautionary principle in relation to 5G technology and halt licensing for such deployments until the safety studies take place.

    • Informing Irish workers of the dangers of RF radiation in the workplace. The Irish Government must actively inform all workers about their legal rights concerning EMF exposure. Since 2016 all Irish workplaces are required to inform employees of the known dangers associated with EMF exposure and to take particular care of 'at particular risk' groups: employees who wear active or passive implanted medical devices such as cardiac pacemakers; employees with medical devices worn on the body such as insulin pumps; pregnant employees.

    • Promoting safer use of technology. Educating the Irish public on techniques to reduce EMF exposure such as using flight mode when driving, only using Mobile Data/Bluetooth/Wi-Fi when necessary, moving from wireless to wired solutions etc.

  • Using creative and education-based action to encourage change.


  • The group is comprised of members of the general public who are willing to volunteer their time to help raise awareness of the dangers of RF radiation, promote the use of safe technology in Ireland and agree to the group’s values.

  • Members will be invited to a group forum where they can contribute to group discussions and will be invited to group meetings.

  • At any one time there will be a number of sub-groups that work collectively on a particular aspect of the wider group’s overall campaign goals e.g. Wi-Fi in schools, Website, Research, etc. Each member will be a part of and contribute to a sub-group.

  • Each member will contribute a minimum of 1 hour of their time per week to group work/tasks.

  • Each sub-group has its own area within the group forum where it can collaborate and work on its particular tasks.

  • Each sub-group will assign a lead member to coordinate the efforts of the sub-group, hold monthly/bi-weekly update meeting, keep the forum updated on the sub-group’s progress and liaise with the wider group.

  • A steering group of 5-7 members, ideally the lead members of the sub-groups will be responsible for coordination of efforts between the various sub-groups.

  • Steering group will hold a monthly meeting to review the sub-groups’ progress and discuss any other group considerations that may have arisen.

  • To facilitate efficient progress steering and sub-groups work on the democratic majority principal if consensus cannot be reached.

  • To facilitate efficient progress the steering group is empowered to make day to day decisions regarding group activity.

  • Both steering and sub-group decisions are all times bound by the constitutional values.

  • An AGM of all group members will be held to review group activities of the past year, plan for the year ahead, review sub groups, constitution etc.

  • New member applications are made via an online form and upon receipt will be reviewed by the steering group for approval on or before the monthly steering meeting. Upon approval the new member will be invited to join the group forum, take part in group discussions and attend group meetings. New member’s forum posts may initially be subject to approval to ensure values and agreements compliance.

  • All work carried out by members of the group, steering or otherwise, is on a voluntary basis. No remittance will be sought or provided.


  • Members of the group must agree to and abide by the values and agreements of the group’s constitution.

  • Members agree to at all times be respectful to those with differing perspectives and opinions to our group. Engage in respectful debate and stay true to the group’s values when representing IFST i.e. when engaging or corresponding with media, telecoms operators, politicians, etc.

  • Members agree to at all times be respectful to fellow members. Constructive debate is healthy and encouraged but disagreements are inevitable, we all want the same thing so keep it polite and courteous.

  • Members agree to be discreet in communications regarding our work with people outside the group by using the forum for group related correspondence.

  • Members agree to respect privacy of members within the group, do not share their contact details or contact them regarding group activities outside the forum unless permission has been explicitly granted.

  • In the event that a member violates the values and agreements of the group constitution, a member of the steering group will communicate privately with the member to make them aware of how their action was in disagreement with the IFST constitution and will be requested to respect the agreements in place. In the event of repeated violations and thus disruption of proceedings of group, the member will either be temporarily suspended from posting on the forum or in an event of continued violation will be asked to leave.

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I accept and agree to abide by the principles set out in the constitution above.