What is RF Radiation?

RF radiation is basically the energy emitted by electromagnetic fields. Some are naturally occurring, and humans have evolved to adapt to those. However our bodies are exposed to huge levels of artificial RF radiation from technology such as mobile phones, WiFi and 5G which we have not evolved with causing detrimental health effects.

What are the concerns regarding EMFs from wireless technology and our health?

Within the last fifteen years, wireless technology has become ubiquitous, increasing the EMFs and radiation beyond what would be considered “natural.” The radiation that transmits data is very different than “natural” EMFs. The data transmission wavelengths are of random forms and transmit at rapid, varied frequencies. It appears as if these forms and frequencies may be harmful to human and animal health.

  • Awareness of a variety of harmful health impacts from wireless radiation is emerging.

  • The American Academy Of Environmental Medicine has documented that with the explosive growth in wireless technology transmission, have come higher instances of a variety of health impacts, including neurological effects.

  • One of the most recent significant studies was from the U.S. National Toxicology Program (NTP) demonstrating links to cancer.

  • Animal studies indicate that children may be the most vulnerable.

  • Increasing numbers of scientific studies demonstrate that wireless (non ionizing) radiation can interfere with cell walls.

  • 195 scientists from 39 countries have submitted a letter to the World Health Organization underscoring the need to protect children from cell phone radiation.

  • The WHO/International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has classified radiofrequency electromagnetic fields as possibly carcinogenic to humans (Group 2B), based on an increased risk for glioma, a malignant type of brain cancer, associated with wireless phone use.

  • Breast cancer appears to be on the rise in young women who carry their cell phones in their bras.

Why do people say “the science isn’t there?”

There are several reasons why you might hear this messaging.

  • The wireless technology industry is a multibillion dollar industry, and it is in their best financial interests to discredit science that documents health impacts.

  • The industry exerts its influence even at the funding levels of research for looking at cell phone exposure and brain cancer.

  • It has been well documented that the World Health Organization (WHO), receives significant pressure from the industry.

In California, guidelines for safer cell phone use from the California Department of Public Health were suppressed for seven years, until a court ordered them to be made public.

What Is Happening Now?

  • Many nations have moved to limit exposure to children in schools from wireless radiation, including removing wireless devices and hardwiring the classrooms for internet access.

  • Massachusetts has five bills in play in their state legislature to protect the public from wireless radiation.

  • With the advent of 5G, where cell transmission towers are required to be placed every 1000 feet, battles are going on between communities and the cell industry about who controls these towers. Early reports indicate that the federal government is moving to pre-empt local ordinances governing the cell towers.

  • Cities are fighting back, suing to stop the advance of cell towers, including many in Ohio.

  • The cities of San Francisco and Berkeley both initiated local ordinances that would require the posting of information at point of sale for cell phones to inform consumers on safer cell phone use. The cell phone industry sued both jurisdictions. San Francisco decided to not engage in costly litigation. Berkeley prevailed, and now requires information about safer cell phone use to be posted at point of cell phone sales.

  • Cell phone users are taking to the courts and are suing manufacturers in the U.S. for what they say is the brain cancer they got while using cell phones.

  • In Italy, a man with brain cancer sued cell phone manufacturers and won.

  • The American Academy of Pediatrics has issued guidelines for safer cell phone use.

In the ‘Generation Zapped’ trailer and film Olle Johansson is quoted as saying “If I ask you how much more radiation does penetrate your body today, compared to 10 years ago? A quintillion times more -- that’s a 1 with 18 zeros.” Is there science to support that?

Dr. Johansson was talking specifically about 3G (3rd generation cellular technology), taking the maximum allowed level of 3G in the US divided by the natural cosmic background radiation level in that 3G frequency band. (maximum legal limit/natural background radiation level) = maximum legal exposure 10,000,000 uW/m2 /0.00000000001 uW/m2 = 1,000,000,000,000,000,000

What is the internet of things?

The ‘Internet of Things’ is being marketed and sold to the public as an exciting opportunity for connecting ‘everything’ possible to the internet; this would mean ordinary objects would become microchipped and connected to wifi. These ‘things’ would include, but are not limited to, kitchen appliances (refrigerators, kettles, toasters, etc), smart meters, clothing, mattresses, tv, lights, toothbrushes, and sensors. And yet what is the cost for this convenience?

Every IoT “thing”, including robots, sensors, surveillance cameras, and augmented reality, will generate personal usage-data, which will be mined, stored, and used by government, law enforcement, industry, and hackers.

These devices will increase our exposure to pulsed microwave radiation – known to adversely impact both humans and wildlife.